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Without You, Liberty Slows Down: WI Group Takes Action

Conservative Wisconsin Group Takes Action

One of many local groups across the country that embodies the message of the New Leaders Project is Founders’ Intent in Wisconsin. In early 2012, a group of local volunteers began talking about the importance of local politics, especially the impact it can have on the education system. A week later they were filing paperwork to create a 501c4 organization, with the goal of getting more people involved in running for office.

“One of the pillars of purpose for Founders’ Intent is that the best government is the most limited and local government,” Ed Willing, Founders’ Intent’s Executive Director, says. “Not only does local office better prepare you for higher office but it is also [often] where you find the most truly-dedicated leadership. Progressives have been doing this for well over 100 years and they have succeeded far too often. It’s time we learn the playbook. The sacrifice is necessary and the rewards in the long-run will be great. When it comes to school boards, the stakes cannot be higher.”

Willing says attending an American Majority training last May was key in preparing his group to take action. In addition to providing training on the mechanics of running a campaign, Willing says, “American Majority provides the support that is necessary for many people to be more confident. A seminar, an answered question, networking with other attendees, continued resources–there are so many tangible takeaways that bring intangible benefits. I sincerely believe dozens of candidates across our state would have never run had it not been for the continuous seminars provided by American Majority.

Three members of Founders’ Intent are running for office this spring: two for the local school board and one for a seat on the village board. The candidates are using what they learned from the American Majority training they attended, and so are other group members who are not running for office but want to contribute to the effort by writing blog posts and letters, or attending meetings and events. Because of the training, Willing says, “Dozens of others who may never run are more prepared to assist the campaigns of those that do. We are raising an army, and we have some catching up to do.”