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Training Programs

American Majority exists to serve new leaders and activists. We believe in lowering the entry barrier for citizen participation in our nation. With training programs in four tracks: New Leaders Campaign, Activist, Social Media, and Campus Training, our trainings equip you to make a real impact in your communities. Each training bring the expertise and knowledge of campaign strategists, communication consultants, and seasoned organizers directly to your community. Find a training near you from the list below or set up your own training with topics most relevant to you!

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Candidate training from American MajorityNew Leaders Campaign Training

America is in dire need of principled leadership. American Majority’s flagship operation, the New Leaders Campaign Training Program, will equip you to go beyond activism to actually affecting policy from an elected office. American Majority’s New Leaders Project is our effort to encourage groups and individuals across the country to step forward as new leaders serving their communities by running for elected office.


Activism training from American Majority

Activist Training

Attending a protest or a rally is no longer enough to effect actual change. We must learn to organize and communicate our message at a grassroots level, an area where conservatives have traditionally been weak. American Majority’s Activist Training will teach you everything from organizational structure to advanced new media training to make substantial changes in your community.


Social media training by American Majority

Social Media Training

American Majority believes that a well-rounded strategy includes a well-rounded army of patriots dedicated to defending our freedom online. Our Social Media Training will teach novices and computer programmers alike how to take advantage of the media outlets to influence people in today’s technological age.


Campus Training

College students have an unmatched passion and ability to organize, yet they are often the most overlooked group of political activists. In American Majority’s Campus Training program, students will learn about the foundational values that build our nation as well as how to practically approach advocacy and activism both on and off campus.