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For more information about American Majority and its programs, download our backgrounder and our 2011 annual report.

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2010-2012 Press Releases

09/18/12 – American Majority Formally Launches Watchdog Group as Independent Organization Read Now

03/21/12 – American Majority Trains 20,000th Conservative Activist: Read Now

09/16/11 – Grassroots Train for 2012 Rumble With Obama, Liberals Over Spending: Read Now

07/21/11 – American Majority Announces Nation’s First Training Bomb: Read Now

07/06/11 – The New Leaders Project Now Over 50% to Its Recruitment Goal: Read Now

02/18/11 – American Majority and WI Tea Party Rally for Walker: Read Now

11/16/10 – New Leaders Project Announcement: Read Now

Multimedia Archive

8/30/12 – Matt Robbins and Mike Gallagher in Tampa: Listen Now

8/29/12 – Ned Ryun, Matt Robbins, and Michael Medved in Tampa: Listen Now

8/28/12 – Ned Ryun, Foster Friess, and Mike Gallagher in Tampa: Listen Now

8/27/12 – Ned Ryun, Matt Robbins, and Hugh Hewitt in Tampa: Listen Now

11/18/11 – Ned Ryun Discusses the 2012 GOP Field with Jim Bohannon: Listen Now

03/11/11 – Ned Ryun Debates Former Congressman Bob Edgar on Fox and Friends: Watch Now

02/19/11 – Ned Ryun Discusses the American Majority “I Stand With Walker Rally” on Fox News: Watch Now

02/07/11 – Ned Ryun Discusses Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends: Watch Now

12/13/10 – Ned Ryun Discusses President Obama’s Tax Plan on Fox News: Watch Now

12/13/10 – Ned Ryun Discusses the New Leaders Project on Fox and Friends: Watch Now