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Video 8: Facebook for Beginners

This is the first 20/20 video in our Facebook series. In this video, Kasey will be discussing some of the basic tenets for creating and maintaining a personal Facebook presence (the PERFECT video for someone you know not yet on Facebook).

Facebook manages over half a billion people. With a network so vast, we felt it would be better to kick-off our Facebook portion of this series with a shorter video and more articles, specifically collected for you to read at your leisure. Each article will walk you through some important steps and should take you about 20 minutes each. They cover everything from setting up your first profile to Friends Lists to Facebook’s new Places feature and related security settings:

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Go Further

In addition to each video, we will be including a series of links for further education. Below is a collection of links that we have “bagged” from around the web:

General Facebook Settings

Privacy Facebook Settings

  • 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know
  • The Facebook Places Privacy Settings You Need To Know

Facebook Marketing

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Thank you for all you do

We hoped you enjoyed the 8th post in out 20/20 Program. We hope you enjoy this collection and look forward to bringing you a video on setting up your first Facebok Page next week!

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