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Matt Rosendale, MT State Senator: Steps for a Successful Campaign

Matt Rosendale Senator American Majority Trainee

Gathered around the dining room table, the Rosendale family discussed current political matters, both local and larger, during which young Matthew was encouraged to share his opinion. At the end of each week, those same issues would appear in the weekly newspaper that Matthew’s parents had started from scratch. Serving as one of the main news sources in the town, the Rosendale newspaper gave Matthew a front-row seat to politics from an early age. This unique position came with a lesson that stayed with Matthew as he grew up, had a family of his own, and then began his career in politics.

The Lesson: “I was raised with the attitude that if you have the ability to change something then you have the responsibility to change it. It was not acceptable to ignore your responsibilities.”


Get political with Pinterest: 5 things you must know

Get Political with Pinterest
With more than 48 million users, Pinterest is the world’s third largest social networking site. As a virtual pinboard (think scrapbook), it allows users to gather and share images and videos that reflect who they are and what they want to say. As Pinterest states, the goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” How can you, as a political activist or candidate, use Pinterest to develop your interests and powerfully influence your audience?

Our team has pulled together some great ideas and today we’re releasing our Get Political with Pinterest Cheat Sheet. Download it for free today!

In the meantime, here are five tips to get you started:

1. Create an account and keep up-to-date. For some good step-by-step instructions, read this from Visit Mashable’s Pinterest section for the latest news and updates.


New Manual: How to Impact Your State Legislature!

American Majority State Legislative Manual

Download your copy of our new manual today!

Young Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States in 1830, when the republic was a little over 50 years old. As he traveled the country and studied American government at both the federal and state level, he was struck by what he observed.“The form of the federal government of the United States appeared last,” he later recorded in Democracy in America. “The great political principles that govern American society today were born and developed in the state…. It is therefore the state that one must know to have the key to all the rest.”

Essentially, Tocqueville explained, America grew from the bottom up. Before the U.S. Constitution ever articulated our principles of freedom, the concepts of self-government and representative assembly were being tested, tried, and practiced in America’s pre- Revolution colonial assemblies. When the colonies declared independence from Great Britain, these colonial assemblies became sovereign governments, responsible for raising troops, printing currency, and determining rules of commerce for their states. So by the time the Constitution was finally passed several years later, these colonial assemblies turned sovereign governments turned state legislatures had generations of experience.


Terri Proud, AZ State Legislator: A Single Mom’s Journey to Run, Win & Serve

Terri Proud Arizona State Legislator American Majority

Terri Proud Arizona State Legislator American Majority

As a single mom of a special needs child, Arizona State Legislator Terri Proud knew what it was like to struggle financially, to spend hours in the hospital with her child, an experience which often correlated with making the difficult decision of what bill she was to pay and which one she was going to skip.

While many would think that she had her hands full enough, Proud’s experience as a single mom only increased her concern that Arizona was not headed in a good political direction. She believed that the current trend of legislation was creating a state which infringed upon constitutional and personal rights, making it difficult for struggling families to survive. As Proud says, “The direction of the state was not one that I wanted my children to live in.”


American Majority-Trained Students Make Significant Impact in Spring Elections

Campus Majority American Majority

In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney had an abysmal showing among young voters and only one in three college aged students voted for him. With the sting of defeat still lingering, American Majority has doubled down and refocused its efforts to emphasize reaching the youth generation through its campus training program, Campus Majority, in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

Campus Majority is designed specifically to equip and empower students on their campuses and in their communities. Today’s students understand the importance of social media and how to connect with their generation better than anyone else, making them uniquely positioned to influence their peers. Campus Majority’s goal is to ensure that conservative students are prepared with the knowledge of how to get involved on campus, make a difference on campaigns, and utilize social media effectively to lead their generation.


Spring Breaks BIG for Conservatives in Wisconsin

American Majority Trained Candidates Win Wisconsin Local Elections

Stepping up to run for a political position in your community takes courage and sacrifice. This is why we’re proud of new leaders across the country who are winning at the local level in Spring elections. In last week’s Wisconsin Spring Election, American Majority trained 10 winning candidates and 5 additional winning candidates were identified through our New Leaders Project. This brings us to a total of 60 trained candidates who have won at the state or local level since we opened our Wisconsin office in October 2010.


What if conservatives shifted their way of thinking?

We’ve all seen a hamster on a wheel, exercising, spinning endlessly. It’s a blur of activity—and goes absolutely nowhere. Consider then a construction crew building a house: they are also active, but in the end there is a successful product—a home. The building is evidence that, with a systematic, purposeful approach and a goal in mind, there can be a meaningful end to your efforts.

Many conservative activists fall into the habit of showing up with no real purpose in mind. They get involved in tasks and groups that don’t actually bring success. Forwarding emails, attending conferences with like-minded people, or periodically rallying ad nauseam on the steps of a state capitol makes people feel like they’re accomplishing something—and it changes nothing. Like the hamster on the wheel, there is motion as conservatives churn away, but they get nowhere.


New Leaders Campaign Training, Polson, Montana

American Majority Trains 25,000 Individuals

American Majority trains 25,000 in 5 years

Despite President Obama’s plan to spend, tax, and increase our already bloated government, there’s a smile on my face today. Over 25,000 Americans from the far corners of our nation and everywhere in between are taking action with plans of their own. And unlike the President’s policy list, their action items involve effectively promoting individual liberty and economic growth.


“Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Voice” – Activist Blogger Lori Fenwick Impacts Local OH Politics

Activist Blogger Lori Fenwick

The world of local politics—from school board to city council—is far from glamorous. In fact, most people would probably say it’s insignificant. But to tea party activist and blogger Lori Fenwick, the local politics matter most. “In politics, a lot of people don’t pay attention to state and local races,” Fenwick says. “But it’s the local people who are the most important, because their decisions have the most direct effect on us.”

Blogging and Social Media Training, West Chester, OH

Every American has a vital role to play in shaping the policies and direction of our communities, states, and nation. American Majority provides instruction that will help citizens to become more effective in holding government accountable via digital activism.

American Majority is pleased to announce an activist training on Thursday, January 16th. The training will be held at American Majority’s West Chester Office, located at 5430 West Chester Road, West Chester Ohio 45069. The training will begin at 10AM and end at 3PM.

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Door Knocking and Dog Bites: How a Montana Couple Made a Difference in 2012

Grassroots Success in Montana

When Bob and Joan Carroll decided they were fed up with the current state of politics, they didn’t just complain about it. They drove to a tea party meeting in the next county over. “We didn’t know anything about politics,” Joan says, “But oh my goodness have we been learning since.”

When they got home, the two talked and decided to start a tea party group in their home county of Mineral County, Montana. A few likeminded individuals later, the Mineral County Tea Party was formed. “We joined up with the Montana Tea Party Coalition and do everything we can to learn and get the tools we need to do our work,” Joan says.


American Majority: Organizing for Freedom

American Majority turned 5 in January, and it has been quite the ride. Trust me. We’ve trained almost 25,000 activists and candidates nationwide in that time, with most of that work in the last three years, and many times with a staff of no more than twenty. Someone asked me the other day what our budget was. I replied, “A gabazillion pennies and nickels (with some paper clips and rubber bands thrown in).” The American Majority staff has done some amazing work on, quite honestly, limited resources, and they’re the ones who have made it happen; you know a lot of them, having worked with them in the field, at trainings, on special projects.

Without You, Liberty Slows Down: WI Group Takes Action

Conservative Wisconsin Group Takes Action

One of many local groups across the country that embodies the message of the New Leaders Project is Founders’ Intent in Wisconsin. In early 2012, a group of local volunteers began talking about the importance of local politics, especially the impact it can have on the education system. A week later they were filing paperwork to create a 501c4 organization, with the goal of getting more people involved in running for office.

“One of the pillars of purpose for Founders’ Intent is that the best government is the most limited and local government,” Ed Willing, Founders’ Intent’s Executive Director, says. “Not only does local office better prepare you for higher office but it is also [often] where you find the most truly-dedicated leadership. Progressives have been doing this for well over 100 years and they have succeeded far too often. It’s time we learn the playbook. The sacrifice is necessary and the rewards in the long-run will be great. When it comes to school boards, the stakes cannot be higher.”


New Leaders Campaign Training Boston, MA

With school board elections & municipal elections approaching in 2013, many communities are preparing. American Majority’s New Leaders Project is designed to motivate and equip the hard working citizens across our state to become part of the solution to the problems that they see every day in their communities, from out-of-control town budgets to excessive regulations. It is time for new leaders to step forward as candidates for school boards, town councils and other state and local offices.

American Majority believes that our elected officials should be held accountable for their decisions. If they don’t do the job that they are elected to do, they should be challenged. While running for local office is no simple thing, it can be done successfully with a limited budget, small staff and the proper support and training.

On February 9, 2013 in Lexington, MA American Majority will be holding a New Leaders Campaign Training for those interested in becoming future candidates, campaign staff and campaign volunteers. If you are interested in running for office or in learning how to recruit and support new leaders, this training is for you. The training will cover important campaign elements such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Public Speaking
  • GOTV
  • plus more!

Read more.

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