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Give Thanks and Give Back

Last Thanksgiving, I was in China with my wife and our brand new daughter who we had just adopted. It was a long and incredible process and we are blessed to have been able to go through it. Being in China over Thanksgiving, where I couldn’t find turkey or even mashed potatoes for our meal caused me to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for in the United States of America.

To be honest, the thing I missed the most (other than the rest of our family) when we were in China was our freedom. Too often, Americans take for granted that we live in a country where we can criticize our government, own property, and select our leaders. With those freedoms, comes responsibility and opportunity. We have the responsibility to select good leaders, but also the opportunity to engage in the political process to ensure a better future for the next generation.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to give thanks for all of your blessings and to think about what you can do to defend our freedoms. 2016 is right around the corner and we will be selecting a new President, but perhaps more importantly we will be selecting our school boards, municipal leaders, county leaders, and state leaders. You have an opportunity to have a large impact on who those leaders are. So please think about what you can do to find good leaders, perhaps you should consider running yourself. At American Majority, we have the resources and training to equip those who run with effective campaign tools. Let us know if there are candidates who could use our campaign training or if you’d like to organize a training in your community. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Podcast: Political Activism Wisconsin Style with Matt Batzel

Political Activism Wisconsin Style Matt Batzel

American Majority National Executive Director Matt Batzel was highlighted on Podcast Series, a site that aims to “Train those who know the benefits of limited government to win elections.” John Tsarpalas brings campaign and activism best-practices to conservatives as he interviews Matt on his success in Wisconsin. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Check out this excerpt from the post on (more…)

The Election Is Over And You Lost: Now What?

The Election Is Over AndYou Lost- Now What-

Another election Tuesday is over, the votes are counted, and as expressed by a friend of American Majority:

Or perhaps, you identify with Winston Churchill. After losing the election 1945, Winston’s wife tried to cheer him up. “It might be a blessing in disguise,” she told him. “At the moment,” he replied, “it seems quite effectively disguised.”* 


Lori’s Story: How to be a “Happy Warrior” in Local Politics


Lori Horn

“I have never not been interested in politics,” said Lori Horn who has been active in politics since the age of 19.

Lori Horn of Centennial, Colorado describes herself as a homemaker and political activist. Though she often works to help people with their campaigns and has worked as a consultant, politics is not a full-time career for her. She is often called upon to help people start their campaigns and uses American Majority’s information when called upon to be a campaign manager. (more…)

Transforming Wisconsin: Five Year Impact


Five years ago liberals dominated politics in Wisconsin. Yet today Wisconsinites enjoy more freedom and carry a lower tax burden as a result of a host of conservative reforms. American Majority opened a Wisconsin chapter five years ago and began to identify and train a new generation of conservative leaders and activists who have worked tirelessly to defend their freedoms. Since that time, American Majority Wisconsin has trained 5,627 in total (4,909 activists and 718 new leaders) at nearly 200 trainings. 265 of our new leader-trainees have run for office, with 225 of them advancing out of their primaries and 58 percent winning their general. (more…)

Ask Not Who’s Running For President, Ask Who’s Running For School Board

At American Majority we spend the bulk of our time educating and training conservatives to make a difference at the local level. We agree with The Federalist senior contributor Stella Morabito that “the decisions of our local officials have a far more direct impact on our lives than those of federal officials. Let’s keep it that way… the trick is to keep local power local, and that means paying attention to who’s minding the store locally.” 

Though national politics dominate political conversation, it’s imperative that conservatives tune in to what’s happening at the local level where decisions affect school funding and education policy, property taxes, road conditions, “gun-free zones,” police and fire departments, and so much more. Morabito’s piece titled, “Ask Not Who’s Running for President, Ask Who’s Running for School Board,” published this week in The Federalist explains what’s at risk if we don’t get involved. We encourage you to read and share: (more…)

Dan Eubanks Wins Mississippi State Rep Primary: “Huge Earthquake”

Dan Eubanks Wins

UPDATE: Dan Eubanks defeated Democrat Harold D. Harris on November 3, 2015 in the District 25 state House race.

Dan Eubanks was one of four conservatives in Desoto County, Mississippi to defeat anti-school choice incumbent legislators in August. The conservative group Empower Mississippi was instrumental in their success. As stated in Jackson Jambalaya: “A huge earthquake took place in Desoto County last night as the Kuykendall machine took a clobberin’ from The Thing known as Empower Mississippi. The Desoto County legislators made a name for themselves over the last four years in fighting all educational reforms that came through the House. A PAC was formed by conservative activists, candidates were recruited, and the fight was taken to the home turf of Milton Kuykendall and his machine.”

A husband, father, pastor, and youth director, Dan Eubanks has always cared about those with whom he works and serves. He has long had a passion and desire to do political work. Leading up to his decision to run for Mississippi State Representative this year, Dan had been growing impatient with the direction of America’s political spectrum and finally felt that he couldn’t sit still. (more…)

Secrets from the Campaign Trail

Secrets from the Campaign Trail

Guest post from Elizabeth Sanford, a veteran local political operative who has consulted on dozens of winning non-partisan competitive races and is known for her low-key approach to delivering winning results.

I’m a Republican political advisor with a 90 percent win record in California and Oregon, and I’m going to let you in on a secret. I have built a career advising political officials and making my guidance central to victory so by divulging this secret, I’m not doing myself and other political professionals any favors. I’m doing it because I cannot watch one more political cycle go by and see good candidates crash and burn for failing to understand this fundamental concept: Campaigns are won or lost based on the message. No fancy website, social media expertise, extensive position papers, yard signs, endorsements, or political infrastructure will save a campaign if it can’t articulate its message. Granted, there are endless other ways to lose an election, but very few are successful without thoughtful and well-developed messaging. (more…)

Running for Office: Dealing with Public Speaking Nervousness

How to deal with Pubic Speaking Nervousness

Are you thinking about running for local office, but are nervous about public speaking? Changing how you prepare for the speech may ease your nerves. 

  1. Stop trying to write the speech. Maybe you’re great at communicating with people, but you aren’t a strong writer. So don’t write it! Especially if you are a beginner. Later on, when you are getting into writing your keynote speech or your State of the Union address, okay, you’ll write it.

What I suggest is to get up and just start talking through it. Make some notes as you go along so you remember what your highlights and bullet points are. But just start speaking it. Make it feel comfortable, natural, and relaxed.  (more…)

The Next Debate: Is It Your Turn?

Presidential primary debates are spurring political discussion nationwide. The first debate on August 6 was watched by 24 million viewers, making it the highest-rated primary debate in TV history. The CNN debate followed closely with 22.9 million viewers, becoming the most watched program in the network’s 25-year history. To put things in perspective, these ratings are larger than the average NFL broadcast of 19 million viewers. (more…)

Political Outsider Dana Criswell Wins in Mississippi

Dana Criswell

Dana Criswell Wins MS House of Representatives Primary, Stands Unchallenged in General Election

On August 4th, Dana Criswell won the primary election for Republican candidate for the District 6 of the Mississippi House of Representatives by 13 percent. He is unchallenged in the upcoming general election. (more…)

American Majority Trains in Five States in October

Now that we’ve left summer behind, conservatives across the U.S. are turning their attention to 2016 and trying to determine how they can stand for liberty in their communities.

American Majority has trained in 45 states over the past seven years and our nimble team continues to travel to the corners of the country to engage with groups of conservatives. The men and women we have the privilege of working with don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They’re determined to raise principled leaders from the ground up. And they’re effecting real change. (more…)

Podcast: How to Win at Local Activism (for the Conservative)

American Majority Founder and CEO Ned Ryun is highlighted on Podcast Series today, a site that aims to “Train those who know the benefits of limited government to win elections.” John Tsarpalas brings campaign and activism best-practices to conservatives as he interviews Ned on the American Majority experience.

Check out this excerpt from today’s post on Click here to listen to the podcast.  (more…)

Free Guide: The Path to 2016 Success

The Path to 2016 SuccessThis month’s featured download gives you the steps to powerfully impact your community now. For too long conservatives have relied too heavily on the virtues of their ideas and principles at the expense of effective organization and strategy. Is it time for you to make a plan?

Take the steps to win:

Winning is ultimately the art of getting it right. Now is the time to set goals and learn how to fundraise successfully, communicate strongly, network efficiently, and campaign victoriously in 2015 and beyond.

Download now!

Campaign & Online Activism Webinar Series

Presented by American Majority in partnership with The Manning School

The age of social media requires professionals and aspiring political leaders to manage a dynamic and pliable schedule — one that allows you to track goals in the months and weeks leading up to key dates but that also allows you to respond with lightning speed to policy decisions or curve balls thrown your way throughout the course of your issues- or leadership-driven activism.

This series of four webinars trained 375 men and women to do just that! Many thanks to The Manning School for their incredible partnership. They’re doing great things — we encourage you to check out their site. Our attendees were just as awesome and we were honored to receive positive feedback including, “Thank you – a value packed 60 minutes that just inspires me to act” and “Picked up some great tips! Excellent. Thank you! (more…)

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