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Victory in Oklahoma

Today we celebrate a very special victory in the state of Oklahoma – one of our biggest to date!

Last night, Jim Bridenstine, an American Majority trainee twice over, defeated five-term incumbent Congressman John Sullivan in Oklahoma’s District 1 primary by a whopping 8 percentage points, after being outspent four-to-one.

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Jim Bridenstine Defeats 5-Term Incumbent to Win Congressional Seat

Jim BridenstineToday we celebrate a very special victory—our biggest to date—in the state of Oklahoma!

Last night, Jim Bridenstine, a two-time American Majority trainee, defeated Congressman John Sullivan—a five-term incumbent—in Oklahoma’s District 1 primary by a whopping 8 percentage points, after being outspent four-to-one.

Jim Bridenstine is like millions of American citizens – a family man, a member of the Navy Reserves, and a fiscal conservative concerned about his country. Most importantly, he was not involved in politics until about a year ago. That’s when he felt the call to represent his community in the U.S. House of Representatives.

His first move after deciding to run for office? Attending an American Majority training with his entire staff – twice.

A year later, after applying what he and his staff learned from American Majority, Jim was coasting to a shocking victory over a five-term incumbent.

Now, more than ever, we need principled individuals like Jim to stand up and speak out for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and accountable leadership. Jim’s opponent, John Sullivan, was a five-term Congressman with a reputation as a follower. His constituents wanted bold, principled representation, and they proved it last night by voting him out.

Now, after Jim’s 4,000 vote victory over Sullivan, he is in a position to return accountability and genuine leadership to his district, his state, and his constituents.

Jim and his staff deserve full credit for this astounding win, and American Majority is proud and honored to have been a part of his journey from a politically uninvolved citizen to a likely member of the United States House of Representatives.


Jim went on to win the general election in November with 63.5 percent of the vote! Congratulations Congressman Bridenstine!

American Majority training works in Cattaraugus County

Carl W. Edwards, co-founder of the Tea Party of Cattaraugus County.  He worked hard in 2010, and in 2011 decided it was time for him to run for office himself.  Running for a seat on the county legislature against a successful local politician with three party lines on the ballot, Edwards was objectively the underdog in the race.

However Edwards and his small campaign ran according to the principles taught in the American Majority training they’d been taking since 2009, and defied the odds to win in November 2011 his seat in the Cattaraugus County, NY legislature.

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Underdog Wins with Grassroots and a $1K Budget

Carl W. Edwards is co-founder of the Tea Party of Cattaraugus County in southwestern New York. He and his group campaigned hard for conservative candidates in 2010. But in 2011, Edwards decided it was time to get even more involved—he stepped up to run for county legislature. With a three-way race and a successful local politician as the incumbent, Edwards was the clear underdog in the race.


American Majority-trained Chris Koerber wins!

American Majority’s goal is to identify and train conservative candidates and activists. Over the last four years we have trained over 20,000 of them and each has a unique story of what brought them into the fight and how they are working to impact the direction of their government. As one of the trainers, my hope is always that some part of the training is going to motivate those that attend to change their past behavior patterns, in regards to elections, activism and their government, and drive them to become more engaged.

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Frustrated CA conservative becomes focused, winning candidate

Chris Koerber and his wife, Halcyon, attended an American Majority candidate training in the summer of 2010. In the past, the Koerbers were just typical good citizens. While they voted and tried to stay educated on news and current events, they had not attended rallies, worked directly to support candidates or run for office. But they were concerned about the direction of their state and their country and wanted to learn how they could make their political voice heard.


Mother of Four Applies Sound Principles to Win County Board

One of the great virtues of the American system is the ability of the average citizen to stand up and speak out by taking office. This is a foundational principle at American Majority as we identify and train hundreds of potential candidates.

Jennifer Grant, a CPA and a mother of four, saw a need for change in of Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  She loves the values her community holds dear, but noticed “those values aren’t always reflected” by her county board.  When a seat opened up, Jennifer decided it was time to stand up and run for office.


American Majority Alumnus Is Changing Local Politics In Virginia

“I’m afraid of what we’ve done here.”

That’s how a long-time liberal incumbent of the local school board in Loudoun County, Virginia reacted to cuts made in this year’s bloated education budget. And what strikes fear into the heart of this long time big spender? A coalition of newly elected conservative members, led by the board’s new Vice Chair, freshman member Jill Turgeon. Jill, a former public school teacher, is an American Majority alumni, and her story epitomizes our nationwide strategy perfectly.

You see, just four months ago, Jill’s normal day consisted of teaching in a public school, coming home, and knocking doors every afternoon until dinnertime for her school board campaign. Now, she’s leading the coalition that has cut $13 million from her county’s exorbitant education budget. Even nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin took notice of Jill’s work, and praised the new members of the Loudoun County School Board on his radio show last week.

“What we’re doing is unheard of,” Jill says. And it hasn’t been easy. “Our biggest issue this year is the status quo. There is a difference of philosophy among members of the board. Some members believe that they are representatives of the schools to the people. I believe that I am a representative of the taxpayers to the schools.”

Jill is just like millions of Americans – a regular person, concerned for her community and her country. But she had no prior experience as a candidate for office. With American Majority’s training, she gained the knowledge and skills she needed to carry her campaign across the finish line: “American Majority helped me by laying out the basics of what needs to be done on a campaign. They showed me anyone can do it. It’s truly a grassroots approach – American Majority is training citizens, not politicians.”

Jill is not alone. American Majority has already trained 2,000 conservative citizens to run for office and win. This year, we’ll double that figure. Every week, our trainers are bringing our cutting-edge training and resources to fiscally responsible, liberty-minded individuals who will run for office, win their elections, and implement sound-minded policy in their local and state governments.

Could you imagine thousands of conservative candidates doing the same thing across the country this year? If you haven’t already, take a look at the trainings we offer or consider requesting a training in your area.

Our trainees depend on American Majority for cutting-edge materials and training, and when we train, they win. It’s as simple as that. Please consider partnering with us today to replicate Jill’s story thousands of times nationwide.