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American Majority Trains 20,000th Conservative Activist

Thomas J. Basile, American Majority
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Conservative Group Hits Major Milestone in Developing New Human Infrastructure to Counter Left

Purcellville, VA…March 21st, 2012—American Majority, the nation’s leading conservative grassroots training organization has passed a major milestone in their mission to develop a new conservative infrastructure to protect America, having now trained 20,000 candidates and activists.  The milestone was reached this past weekend at an American Majority training in Pittsburgh, PA attended by more than 200 local tea party and other conservative activists.

“We’ve come farther and faster than any other organization in training this number of activists and candidates,” states Ned Ryun, Founder and President of American Majority.  “In only three years, we’ve trained more than 20,000 citizens on the ground in nearly all fifty states who are committed to the principles of limited government and individual freedom.  It is just the beginning of creating a strong force of liberty-minded activists to keep America free.

American Majority trainings and materials are part of a proprietary, cutting-edge curriculum of advanced political tactics.  The curriculum includes policy education, messaging, precinct organization, Get-Out-the-Vote operations, fundraising and social media.  American Majority’s Twitivism guide is widely viewed as the leading manual for using Twitter as a tool to inform and mobilize conservatives.

Since January 2009, American Majority has conducted more field trainings than any other conservative grassroots organization having brought their curriculum to nearly all fifty states through more than 560 training sessions.  Among those trained have been more than 2,000 candidates for local, state and federal office, the majority of which have gone on to win their elections and be a force for fiscal conservative policies.

“For too long, conservatives have been out-organized by the Left’s well funded, well trained ground operation,” states Ryun.  “American Majority set out to counter that progressive organizing power one group, one community at a time – and with the help of hundreds of local organizations we are seeing results.”

In addition to its trainings, American Majority has also developed a number of ground-breaking programs to strengthen the conservative movement.  In February 2012, they launched a NASCAR outreach effort and including the sponsorship of the #81 MacDonald Motorsports car for the entire Nationwide racing season.

After the 2010 elections, American Majority launched its New Leaders Project set out to recruit more than 10,000 additional candidates for local and state office for the coming election cycle.  In, 2011 the group held the nation’s first Constitution Day Training Bomb, holding grassroots training classes in more than a dozen cities simultaneously.

“We’ve developed an advanced curriculum of tactics that has been so effective over the last three years that even progressive groups are starting to take notice,” states Ryun.  “We’re just getting started.  I’d like to thank all the local activists we have worked with and partnered with over the last three years to reach this important benchmark.”


About American Majority

American Majority is the leading developer of the nation’s new 21st century conservative grassroots political infrastructure.  The organization uses its cutting edge curriculum to empower individuals and organizations with the most effective tools to promote liberty through limited government.  American Majority trains thousands of activists and candidates each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government.  The non-profit, non-partisan organization is dedicated to developing a new generation of American elected and opinion leadership that will reject the self-destructive policies associated with government expansion and promote those that will lead to growth and success.




The Relentless Pursuit of Americanism

It should be no secret to anyone who reads my columns in The American Spectator or my posts here that not only do I strongly believe that America is in crisis but that the values espoused by the conservative movement are being trampled to dust, which is such a gentle term for the reality of what is actually taking place.   Why this is happening is open to some debate and there isn’t one cause to be sure.  However, it is indisputable that the left has long had better grassroots organization and has approached the pursuit of their damaging statist agenda relentlessly.  After all, if you believe that government exists to provide to the masses, then you’re going to encourage its expansion for your own benefit.

Americans need to realize that we are up against a group of agitators that have very well-funded and, consequently, very large platforms for driving the political debate and writing the rules to their liking.  Among those involved in a constant fight against conservative values, and often American values are the media, Hollywood, public employee unions, and progressive groups backed by leftist billionaires.

It leads one to wonder, “Where is our full-time army?”  Sure tea partiers and the conservative grassroots certainly made their voices heard in the 2010 elections.  They took to the streets to not only rally, but to get involved in the process, actively supporting and promoting candidates who advocated systemic change in government.

But unlike the progressive forces, armies for our cause – the foot soldiers for conservativism – did post-2010 what they usually do after a big win.  Weary from the fight and gratified by their accomplishments, they disengaged from the day to day fight against statism and left the battlefield to be overrun by their opposition.

We see this trend all around us in the decline of the Republican Party establishment from coast to coast whose aging and dwindling committee members often lack the energy to run vibrant grassroots campaigns at the local level.  We see it in the local Rotary Club luncheon where large percentages of active members have long-ago retired or closed up their businesses.  We see it in pillars of our American communities like service organizations, business associations and religious groups that today are crumbling along with our bridges, dams and tunnels.

Those institutions are victims of widespread apathy among younger generations who either don’t see the value in them, or can no longer afford to take time to participate in their good work, thus providing openings for pro-government forces to tighten their grip on our nation’s communities.

So charities fail?  So what?  Government will provide the same services.  So religious institutions suffer?  So what?  Government will run the soup kitchens and be the source of solace for those in need. Who really wants our children to get a parochial education when the taxpayer is paying through the nose to support the teachers’ union?  That attitude spells the end of the America we love, and quite frankly, crushes the essence of the American spirit. Government can’t truly minister to the deepest needs of the human being, no more than an educational system focused on benefiting the unions can actually give our children a vibrant future.

When Americans who share our conservative values are content to work hard for an election cycle, then pat themselves on the back and leave the fight to the Washington think tanks and television talking heads, they have in effect surrendered to the advancing left.   The conservative movement, if there truly is one, is playing tiddlywinks on the sidelines while the left plays smash mouth football.  That’s why despite this being a center right country for decades, over taxation, runaway spending, ballooning debt and the decay of the American family have continued year after year.

We need to learn this lesson now.  Often times conservatives think themselves above the fray or too polite to argue, or so convinced they are right that the logic of the argument is apparent to everyone.  Conservatives are more likely to agree with the old ridiculous axiom that you never discuss politics and religion.  Like the tea party members who got engaged in 2009 and 2010, everyone who appreciates “Americanism” – our core values of freedom, limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty, the “can do” entrepreneurial spirit – have to make sounding the alarm about the need for these principles a part of their daily lives.

This isn’t about Republicanism, or Democratism. It’s about common “sensism.” America needs everyday Americans, who believe in American values to adopt a strategy of continuous engagement on local, state and national issues.  It can be as simple as talking to your children, colleagues, friends and neighbors around your dining room table about America, its greatness, and its challenges.  It’s about acknowledging the magnificent role America has played and can continue to play in world history.  It could be about joining existing political or civic organizations and not being ashamed to let people know where you stand on protecting America.

It’s time to boycott networks that run programming that show disregard for our values and disrespect those who have the courage to speak truth to power.  It’s time to boycott companies that support the progressive, statist agenda.  It’s time un-American, unabashed leftists and phony Republicans are called on the carpet for their damaging politics.  All of those things are a part of making activism part of our lives and keeping America free.

Then comes real engagement in the process by getting involved in the local political committees and campaigns.  That’s when real people take back control of the process from the establishment forces, the Ruling Class, that have blurred the lines between the parties and brought Americanism to the brink of the abyss.

The tea party showed us it was possible, but in all struggles, there is no resting on our laurels.  We’ve ceded too much ground for too long to hope someone else will save America. It will come down to you and to me.  Some say America is in decline and that we must gracefully manage it.  Charles Krauthammer once wrote that decline is a choice. Our answer must be this: we choose not to decline­; we choose to be great.

Every reality begins with a dream, and so greatness begins with a vision. We must lift up our eyes and see not what is, but what can be: a golden age for America where government is in its proper role, where the entrepreneurial spirit is unleashed again, where we have the greatest freedom within the bounds of ordered liberty. If we’re willing to let time go, put our hands to the plow and relentlessly pursue Americanism, this nation can be renewed and climb to even greater heights of freedom and prosperity in the 21st century.

A Tale of Two Movements

Ned Ryun is a regular contributor to the American Spectator. This month he dove in to the history of the progressive movement as it compares to today’s tea party movement.

Even more important, however, the Tea Party needs to realize is that its objective is not about shifting paradigms or having a short-term impact. It’s about crushing paradigms and creating a new set of rules that dictate how the game is played decades from now. America needs a renewed system of government dedicated to reversing the damage of the Progressive movement and promoting American values. The Tea Party, if it is to be remembered a hundred years from now, must shrink the bureaucratic state, returning government to its proper role. It must also fundamentally change the process of electoral politics, whether it’s a return to a caucus and convention nomination process or even repealing the 17th Amendment and the direct election of Senators. Real change is about the Tea Party and the American people transcending the Progressive system of government, the ruling class it created, breaking it and its cronies, devolving power from the federal government, and changing the playing field and rules by which the “game” of politics and government is played. Fundamental change has happened before, and it can be done again, and that is the measurement of true success the Tea Party should seek to attain.

To read the full article, head on over to the


American Majority Alumnus Is Changing Local Politics In Virginia

“I’m afraid of what we’ve done here.”

That’s how a long-time liberal incumbent of the local school board in Loudoun County, Virginia reacted to cuts made in this year’s bloated education budget. And what strikes fear into the heart of this long time big spender? A coalition of newly elected conservative members, led by the board’s new Vice Chair, freshman member Jill Turgeon. Jill, a former public school teacher, is an American Majority alumni, and her story epitomizes our nationwide strategy perfectly.

You see, just four months ago, Jill’s normal day consisted of teaching in a public school, coming home, and knocking doors every afternoon until dinnertime for her school board campaign. Now, she’s leading the coalition that has cut $13 million from her county’s exorbitant education budget. Even nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin took notice of Jill’s work, and praised the new members of the Loudoun County School Board on his radio show last week.

“What we’re doing is unheard of,” Jill says. And it hasn’t been easy. “Our biggest issue this year is the status quo. There is a difference of philosophy among members of the board. Some members believe that they are representatives of the schools to the people. I believe that I am a representative of the taxpayers to the schools.”

Jill is just like millions of Americans – a regular person, concerned for her community and her country. But she had no prior experience as a candidate for office. With American Majority’s training, she gained the knowledge and skills she needed to carry her campaign across the finish line: “American Majority helped me by laying out the basics of what needs to be done on a campaign. They showed me anyone can do it. It’s truly a grassroots approach – American Majority is training citizens, not politicians.”

Jill is not alone. American Majority has already trained 2,000 conservative citizens to run for office and win. This year, we’ll double that figure. Every week, our trainers are bringing our cutting-edge training and resources to fiscally responsible, liberty-minded individuals who will run for office, win their elections, and implement sound-minded policy in their local and state governments.

Could you imagine thousands of conservative candidates doing the same thing across the country this year? If you haven’t already, take a look at the trainings we offer or consider requesting a training in your area.

Our trainees depend on American Majority for cutting-edge materials and training, and when we train, they win. It’s as simple as that. Please consider partnering with us today to replicate Jill’s story thousands of times nationwide.

“Training Citizens, Not Politicians:” Virginia School Board Candidate Enacts Change

“I’m afraid of what we’ve done here.”

That’s how a long-time liberal incumbent of the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia reacted to the decision to scale back this year’s bloated education budget. And what strikes fear into the heart of this long time big spender? A team of fresh, newly elected conservative members, led by the board’s Vice Chair, freshman member Jill Turgeon.


Statement from Ned Ryun on the Death of Andrew Breitbart

Ned Ryun, President of American Majority, released the following statement today in reaction to the untimely passing of his friend Andrew Breitbart. Ryun is a contributor to Breitbart’s website. Breitbart also worked collaboratively with American Majority over the last several years.

“Today, the conservative movement has lost a powerful voice in the fight to protect our freedom. Andrew Beitbart was a pioneer in using social media and digital technology to bring a courageous conservative message to America’s grassroots. He did something many in the conservative movement are afraid to do – go right at the left and not back down. Andrew served as an example to the rest of the conservative movement of how to fight for our values without apology or compromise.”

“He was never afraid to tackle the most pressing issues of our time, the most damaging special interests, and the corruption and hypocrisy that threaten the American way of life. Andrew was a soldier for this nation’s core values of limited government, and individual freedom. We will carry on this great cause of protecting freedom from government excess using his passion and energy as inspiration. While he has been taken from us too soon, his voice will undoubtedly resonate and his impact will be felt long after this sad day.”


Media Inquiries Contact: Thomas Basile at or call 917-579-2216

Tea Party rallies are history but the movement is far from it

There’s a lot of wishful thinking in Washington. Beltway Democrats wish for more of our money to spend. Beltway Republicans wish no one would notice they’ve done nothing about the deficit.

President Obama is wishing from the 18th green that the economy will magically improve enough to make him appear competent. And his progressive allies wish the Tea Party, which defeated well-heeled liberal forces in 2010, would just go away.

The Left thinks it’s getting its wish as Tea Party rallies fade into history. But that doesn’t mean that the Tea Party is dead. In fact, what progressives have hoped was the demise of the most effective grass-roots movement in recent history has actually been a needed evolution.

Large, decentralized, authentic grass-roots movements are so often nothing more than flashes in the pan. Not so with the Tea Party. It remains a potent political force but just not in the same way as in 2009 and 2010.

Even the Tea Party name has slowly begun to fade as citizen-activists and citizen-politicians who first engaged in the national political discourse three years ago now are building political infrastructure to effect long-term, systemic reform.

They’re ready to do something as much as say something. Being stuck in a 2009 mentality will not help build a counterforce to public employee unions and other well-funded progressive constituencies.

It is an uphill battle to be sure, but it was similar to the mountain progressives climbed against the corporatists 100 years ago. This time around, the fiscal conservatives and constitutionalists are beginning to drive hard against the statists.


Read More at the Washington Examiner

Judge Napolitano’s Rant Is Right: It’s About ‘Them’

Making its way through cyberspace is a bold, brash and largely accurate depiction of the state of American government and politics. Delivered on his last nightly broadcast, Judge Andrew Napolitano takes on the system in a five-minute rant about just how upside down the whole political process really is. His conclusion? It’s about them, not us. “Them” refers to the elite class of elected officials, senior-level bureaucrats and political machinery who first created and now maintain a system in which people matter less and government matters more, or people I refer to as the Ruling Class.

Napolitano’s pseudo-endorsement of Ron Paul may be a bit off, but the general point is one all of us need to appreciate. Ron Paul is not electable and some of his ideas, particularly on foreign policy, are outright dangerous. But broadening Napolitano’s argument to suggest that we need to change the status quo beyond merely switching parties in control of Congress or the White House is a good dose of sense.

The two-party system hasn’t failed Americans. A political culture that is too timid to challenge well-financed special interests has. As Napolitano points out, both Republicans and Democrats, from Reagan to Bush have pledged to the American people to reduce the size of government and not only did they fail to keep that promise, all of them grew the size of government considerably.





The Demise of the Tea Party is Greatly Exaggerated

Certain people keep opining that the Tea Party is all but dead, but those who wish for the demise of the Tea Party are missing the emerging new political infrastructure where Tea Party groups have set aside rallies for political action. Consider Wisconsin to determine where the Tea Party is going in 2012 and beyond.

From New York to California, newspapers are weighing in on the importance of Governor Scott Walker’s recall in Wisconsin. Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal described it as “the most important non-presidential election of the decade.” The Orange County Register even penned an editorial about how important it was that the public unions are stopped in Wisconsin.

A look at the Tea Party in Wisconsin shows serious political players in this incredibly important recall game.  During 2011, the Tea Party stepped up time and again during the protests over the Budget Repair Bill, the re-election of Justice Prosser, the Prosser Recount, the recalls of State Senators who fled to Illinois, and in the August Recall elections.

Fast forward to the Walker recall and it is the Tea Party leading the way to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin’s electoral process.  Three weeks after the Walker recall began, two Wisconsin Tea Party groups announced an unprecedented project called Verify the Recall(VTR).  The joint effort of the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty (led by Tim Dake) and We the People of the Republic (led by Ross Brown) soon drew thousands of volunteers across Wisconsin and the rest of the 49 states.  Their announcement came at a time when conservatives in Wisconsin were growing increasingly worried about Big Labor’s “at all costs” mentality of gathering recall signatures.

When they announced, VTR was the only known verification effort.  But it wasn’t just that the Tea Party was first to announce a verification project, it is also a very sophisticated venture aided by True the Vote, a Houston-based Tea Party group that has led similar projects.  VTR’s database will be cross-referencing double digit reference points to ensure that the name and addresses signed are accurate and living.

The establishment was not only late to the game in their verification efforts; they merely used volunteers for an in-person examination of recall petitions at their offices.  To create a database, they opted to use a third party group to enter the information.

VTR choose to use their 12,000+ volunteers who have a vested interest in finding recall fraud as they have heard numerous reports of errors, duplicates, and even outright recall fraud.  VTR also has had more than 64,000 people sign up to see if someone else has signed their name to a recall petition.

The Tea Party in Wisconsin is showing their grassroots muscle in a big way. The Tea Partyrallies are dead, as well they should be. But the real Tea Party that will enact political change is actually rising, growing stronger and more sophisticated in 2012.

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American Majority Racing: Launching An Unprecedented Program

American Majority Racing is a national program of American Majority, the nation’s leading conservative grassroots training organization. The program is designed to target millions of NASCAR fans from all political backgrounds in an unprecedented effort to engage them in the electoral process. Having teamed up with NASCAR driver Jason Bowles and car #81 MacDonald Motorsports for the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series racing season, the American Majority Racing program is designed to educate Americans about how smaller government and less spending will “Keep America Free.” Through, American Majority Racing encourages all Americans to register and vote in the 2012 elections.

Click the image of the #81 car below or visit for more information.

American Majority Racing

Our Impact in 2011



Workers, Jobless Have Common Enemy in Eco-Fringe

For decades now we’ve been hearing about the dangers of America’s dependence on oil from enemy nations or unstable parts of the world. We’ve also been hearing since the 1970s about a need to expand domestic energy production in a way that protects the environment. With each successive election Americans are told about the nation’s energy crisis in bleak terms. That rhetoric is warranted. The problem is real. However, the environmental agenda is a charade.

The energy issue touches every aspect of our lives, from domestic policy to national security to job creation and food prices. Because of this cross-over, if there ever was a kitchen table issue it’s energy. As we have come to expect from an administration bereft of courage and American ideas, the Obama White House has abandoned its pledge to tackle the issue and every American is paying the price.
Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline is just one example of how he and other liberal politicians have allowed the eco-fringe to co-opt our government at all levels and our future.

The eco-fringe is the squeaky wheel of Democratic Party politics – a small, vocal, well-funded lobby that has bought off officials across the country, who in turn ignore the will of the people on energy policy and economic development. Under the guise of environmental protection, they ignore basic facts and the basic needs of Americans in an attempt to drive policies that aim to keep them relevant and make them money.

One hand washes the other. The Solyndra debacle is just one example of this colossal sham at the taxpayer’s expense. Billions of dollars have been wasted on risky so-called “green” energy or renewable energy projects as the Administration plays the tune of a small number of environmental groups and ignores the real solutions. While the majority of Americans want lower rates, an improved grid, less reliance on foreign oil, and the economic growth that comes from them, the eco-fringe and gutless liberals say no to America’s top priorities.

President Obama told us “we can’t wait” for the $787 billion stimulus so jobs can be created. He said “we can’t wait” for a jobs bill from the House Republicans…..


American Majority Spotlight: Holly Gerard

Moving from suburban Philadelphia to a small, rural southeastern Oklahoma town would be a considerable culture shock to most people. And while this was most certainly the case for conservative superwoman Holly Gerard, her move to Durant, Oklahoma, in 2003 was a breath of fresh air. It also afforded her the rare opportunity to change the course of an entire state’s political direction.

As a wife, mother of five, and political force, Holly Gerard is a busy woman. Currently serving as the Strategic Projects Director for the George Faught Congressional Campaign (2nd District – Oklahoma), Holly is tasked with traveling the eastern half of Oklahoma on behalf of the Faught Campaign to recruit volunteers, organize precincts, and coordinate county party involvement. This level of campaign involvement is a far cry from her beginnings in 2008 as she witnessed the national election results and feared for the direction of her country.

American Majority Alumni, Holly Gerard

Soon after the 2008 elections, Gerard took it upon herself to begin the process of reorganizing her county party in the heart of Oklahoma’s “Little Dixie”. As a single-party stronghold since statehood, southeastern Oklahoma had never seen someone as determined as Holly Gerard to change their community and their nation. Furthermore, her willingness to take on the “good old boy” network spurred her on to become the GOP Vice-Chair of Bryant County where she began motivating other conservatives and recruiting candidates for state house and state senate. As part of this effort, Gerard was helpful in organizing an American Majority Activist Training in Durant in 2009 – the first in that part of the state.

Then in 2010, Gerard’s reputation and determination led her to manage the campaign of Josh Breechen for state senate and volunteering for various other campaigns. In June of that year, Brecheen and Gerard attended an American Majority Candidate Training in Oklahoma City as they began their campaign against a two term incumbent in a part of Oklahoma that had never elected a Republican state senator or house member. In November Brecheen won his election, and the future looked bright for southeastern Oklahoma and especially for Holly Gerard. In fact, in 2011, Gerard received the prestigious “Rising Star Award” from the Oklahoma Republican Party for her efforts and her resolve. For these reasons and more, Holly Gerard is an outstanding example to all conservatives of hard work and dedication, and we are proud to call her a dear friend to American Majority Oklahoma.

DuPage, IL Activist Training Flyer

Please download and share with likeminded activists!


Will You Join the Farm Team in 2012?

This may be the most important election year of our lifetime, and liberty-minded activists are preparing for an all-out sprint to the finish. Every step of the way, American Majority is empowering conservative activists and candidates to win elections in towns, counties, cities, and states where the voice of the people desperately needs to be heard – state and local governments dominated by a “Ruling Class” of long-time incumbents.

As AM’s work continues across the country, the hold of the Ruling Class begins to break. Every week, activists and candidates praise the effectiveness and accessibility of AM’s training programs, and in each election season, these activists and candidates are applying their newly acquired tactics and winning. And here’s the best part: the movement is only beginning to gather momentum.

We at AM firmly believe that these newly elected officials from the grassroots are tomorrow’s national leadership. They are the conservative “farm team” – a new crop of prospects that will be vetted and promoted to the major leagues, and some of them in just a few cycles. This farm team is crucial to the continuity of the cause of freedom – new “recruits” must continuously replenish the ranks of liberty-minded leaders at all levels of government.

But they cannot do it without your help.

American Majority is calling on its supporters to Join the Farm Team in 2012. To achieve victory this year, we must labor until the very end of the process, eleven months from now. Will you make a commitment today to sponsor the farm team for the next eleven months, and see their work through to the end?

Join the Farm Team

Every month, over three hundred liberty-minded activists and candidates receive cutting-edge training and resources from American Majority, and all of it is made possible by generous supporters who have chosen to fund the farm team. Dedicated supporters provide all of the materials, personnel, and logistics necessary to bring these essential tools for victory to aspiring conservative leaders. In this crucial election year, would you consider becoming one of them?

Your support has a direct, tangible impact. Over the course of the next eleven months, your can provide members of the conservative farm team with invaluable resources for victory. Even as a Scout-level sponsor, for just $5 per month, AM manuals will be printed and distributed to 35 conservative activists and candidates. And the impacts only increase:

Scout: $5 per month will print and distribute AM manuals to 35 activists or candidates this year
Coach: $10 per month will print and distribute manuals to 60 local school board candidates in 2012
Manager: $25 per month will train 11 online activists in 2012 who will fight the Left on blogs, social media, Wikis, and other new media platforms
Executive: $50 per month will train 11 candidates for office in 2012 who will continue to break the hold of the Ruling Class in their state and local governments
President: $100 per month will fund an expansion of our local candidate manuals, empowering candidates to run for city council and county commission and win. These governing bodies are in desperate need of small-government representatives, as local government debt continues to build year after year.
CEO: $250 per month will fund an AM training in all 12 AM-identified battleground states in 2012.

American Majority will be working harder than ever to empower the grassroots in 2012, seeing this year through until the job is done. We ask you to do the same by joining the Farm Team, and committing to sponsor American Majority’s trainees for the next eleven months. Together, we can restore prosperity and preserve liberty for our great nation.