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The Next Debate: Is It Your Turn?

Presidential primary debates are spurring political discussion nationwide. The first debate on August 6 was watched by 24 million viewers, making it the highest-rated primary debate in TV history. The CNN debate followed closely with 22.9 million viewers, becoming the most watched program in the network’s 25-year history. To put things in perspective, these ratings are larger than the average NFL broadcast of 19 million viewers. (more…)

Political Outsider Dana Criswell Wins in Mississippi

Dana Criswell

Dana Criswell Wins MS House of Representatives Primary, Stands Unchallenged in General Election

On August 4th, Dana Criswell won the primary election for Republican candidate for the District 6 of the Mississippi House of Representatives by 13 percent. He is unchallenged in the upcoming general election. (more…)

American Majority Trains in Five States in October

Now that we’ve left summer behind, conservatives across the U.S. are turning their attention to 2016 and trying to determine how they can stand for liberty in their communities.

American Majority has trained in 45 states over the past seven years and our nimble team continues to travel to the corners of the country to engage with groups of conservatives. The men and women we have the privilege of working with don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They’re determined to raise principled leaders from the ground up. And they’re effecting real change. (more…)

Podcast: How to Win at Local Activism (for the Conservative)

American Majority Founder and CEO Ned Ryun is highlighted on Podcast Series today, a site that aims to “Train those who know the benefits of limited government to win elections.” John Tsarpalas brings campaign and activism best-practices to conservatives as he interviews Ned on the American Majority experience.

Check out this excerpt from today’s post on Click here to listen to the podcast.  (more…)

Free Guide: The Path to 2016 Success

The Path to 2016 SuccessThis month’s featured download gives you the steps to powerfully impact your community now. For too long conservatives have relied too heavily on the virtues of their ideas and principles at the expense of effective organization and strategy. Is it time for you to make a plan?

Take the steps to win:

Winning is ultimately the art of getting it right. Now is the time to set goals and learn how to fundraise successfully, communicate strongly, network efficiently, and campaign victoriously in 2015 and beyond.

Download now!

Campaign & Online Activism Webinar Series

Presented by American Majority in partnership with The Manning School

The age of social media requires professionals and aspiring political leaders to manage a dynamic and pliable schedule — one that allows you to track goals in the months and weeks leading up to key dates but that also allows you to respond with lightning speed to policy decisions or curve balls thrown your way throughout the course of your issues- or leadership-driven activism.

This series of four webinars trained 375 men and women to do just that! Many thanks to The Manning School for their incredible partnership. They’re doing great things — we encourage you to check out their site. Our attendees were just as awesome and we were honored to receive positive feedback including, “Thank you – a value packed 60 minutes that just inspires me to act” and “Picked up some great tips! Excellent. Thank you! (more…)

Win an American Majority Campus Training!

Win a Free American Majority Campus Training

Win a Free Campus Training

Are you a college student looking to make a difference on your campus… and in your nation? Tell us how you and your group are working to bring conservative change to your area.

What’s in it for you? Enter for the chance to win a FREE American Majority Campus Training this fall.

If you win we will work with you to determine how to best empower your group — through campaigns, activism, networking, campus events, and more! The winning group will receive: 1) a full Saturday of training by American Majority experts, 2) lunch, and 3) student activism training guides. (more…)

Brian Mast: Double Amputee Special Operations* Veteran Runs for Congress

Double Amputee Special Operations Veteran Runs for Congress

Brian Mast lost both legs to an IED while serving Joint Special Operations* Command as an explosives expert in Afghanistan. Military service had been a huge part of Brian’s identity and the idea of losing his purpose was devastating. However, he remembers lying in the hospital telling his wife that the best thing he did for his country couldn’t be in his past.

“I told my wife that I was going to pursue public office when I was ready,” said Brian. (more…)

Scott Miller: Saving the World, One County at a Time

Scott Miller-Saving the World one county at a timeScott Miller of Salt Lake County, Utah was screaming at President Obama on TV one afternoon when his 14-year-old daughter told him bluntly that if he didn’t like something, he should do something about it. Realizing the wisdom of his daughter’s words, Scott signed up for a Constitution class a few weeks later. (more…)

American Majority President Matt Robbins Talks #GOPDebate on Bloomberg

American Majority President Matt Robbins and Bloomberg Politics’ Mike Bender discuss the first Republican presidential debate. They speak on on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Was it the ‘Trump Show’ vs. everyone else? Did the debate work for Jeb Bush to play the ‘other statesman’? Did Carly Fiorina knock it out of the park? What about John Kasich?

Hear Matt’s thoughts here.

GOP Debate: The Trump Show vs Everyone Else

How to Take Action After the First Presidential Debate

With the first presidential debate happening tonight, it is time for conservative activists and leaders to organize and mobilize for 2016. An election critical to the direction of our country will be determined in 16 months but the first votes will be cast in less than six months.

I encourage you to think about what you can do now to make an impact. Here are my top five suggestions: (more…)

Grassroots to Lawncare: Building a Successful Campaign Part Four

Grassroots to Lawncare
In Part Three, I resumed discussing the requirements for building a grassroots campaign and how it is similar to growing a lawn. The following post will be a continuation of that, getting from lumps and root growth to the lawn’s filling in and how understanding this will help you win an election.


Youngest Oklahoma State Senator Joseph Silk: District’s First Conservative


If you’re looking for a grassroots success story, meet State Senator Joseph W. Silk of Broken Bow, Oklahoma who, at the age of 29, is the youngest member of the Oklahoma state senate. His journey began in 2011 when Silk’s father, Joe, ran to represent their district in the state House of Representatives and was defeated. (more…)

Grassroots to Lawncare: Building a Successful Campaign Part Three

Grassroots to Lawncare
In Part Two of this series, I resumed discussing the requirements for building a grassroots campaign and how it’s similar to growing a lawn. The following post will be a continuation of that, getting from fine hairs of grass to clumps and root growth and how that relates to an election.



Join the ACU and American Majority for a day of training, speeches, and debate. American Majority CEO Ned Ryun will be spearheading the American Majority training sessions at the event. Each session gives conservatives best practices in political technology, social media, and voter contact. Click here to learn more!

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