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Five Years of Success in Oklahoma

Since its inception in March of 2008, American Majority Oklahoma has been a key part of the conservative movement that has transformed Oklahoma into the “reddest of the red states”.  From the beginning American Majority Oklahoma has been working both publicly and behind the scenes in every corner of the state to make sure everyday Americans have the training and the resources they need to be effective.

Thus, when looking at how American Majority has affected the direction of this state and others, first consideration must be given to how our candidate trainings have helped in the election of conservative leaders at all levels of public office.  Simply put, American Majority’s efforts are obvious as a significant imprint has been made to dozens of communities and multiple states because of the candidates we have trained.

Overall, American Majority Oklahoma has hosted 35 Candidate Trainings in six states – Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, Michigan, and California – resulting in 145 American Majority alumni running as conservative candidates for public office.  Of this number, 42% – almost half – of these candidates won their general elections.  Looking a little more deeply at the numbers, the impact American Majority has made on city and county governments is impressive.  In Oklahoma alone, 28 city council, school board, and county officials won their general elections after having been trained by American Majority.  In much the same way, a visible sign of American Majority Oklahoma’s work can be seen as a large number of Oklahoma State House, Senate, and statewide candidates have won their general elections after having been trained by American Majority.

On the legislative level American Majority Oklahoma has trained 16 State House members and 6 State Senate members within the state.  In all, American Majority Oklahoma has trained 16% of the current Oklahoma State House contingency and 13% of the current State Senate members. Furthermore, American Majority Oklahoma has also trained 2 current State House Members in the state of Arizona.   The success, however, does not stop there.  In addition to our local and legislative accomplishments, American Majority has also trained 2 current statewide office holders in the state of Oklahoma and a United States House Member who upset a three-term incumbent and cruised to election in November in Oklahoma’s First District.

In addition to the trainings put forth for candidates, American Majority Oklahoma has also worked hard to help activists around the country to be as successful in their innumerable efforts to keep America free.  In five years American Majority Oklahoma has hosted 65 Activist Trainings around the state and the country and trained just over 1,500 conservative activists.  Additionally, American Majority has trained over 220 college students at 7 Campus Majority Trainings as well as numerous trainings on Social Media and Campaign Management. In all, American Majority Oklahoma has trained almost 2,000 of our fellow citizens over the course of five years in almost every aspect of political life.  But numbers alone do not tell the story.  For example, in Oklahoma alone we have trained leaders from 15 liberty-minded groups and helped start or reorganize almost half of those.  Additionally, American Majority Oklahoma has had a hand in training Tea Party leaders in Tennessee, Michigan, Arizona, California, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Needless to say, at American Majority Oklahoma we are proud of the impact we have made in the lives of people and organizations.  In the end, our numbers, the incredible feedback we have received, and the reputation we have developed all bear the fruits of our efforts and our passions to see America stay free for generations to come.

Seth Brown is the Oklahoma Executive Director of American Majority. To learn how to become an effective political candidate, activist, or student in Oklahoma, request a training!

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