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200 in WI Learn to Accomplish Their Political Goals

The Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Conference (WCLC) brought together many Tea Party groups, national conservative groups, leaders, and students from across Wisconsin. The 8th annual conference was the largest in its history, with more than 200 people attending to learn how to be active in politics in 2013 and beyond. The Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Coalition hosted the conference.

American Majority was thrilled to host an extensive campaign school in the afternoon of the conference as well as equip Activists with the tools to accomplish their political goals. The campaign school dove into what makes up a successful run for political office at the local or state level. The candidates who attended were a diverse group, with several young people learning the skills they’ll need when they run for office.  One candidate, Blake Hudson, who has his eyes set on running for Illinois State House in 2014, drove with his campaign manager the whole way from Springfield, Illinois to learn some practical advice on what his campaign will need to succeed. He said, “[We] took away some very valuable and practical ideas for the future. I just want to say that I’m on board with the mission of American Majority, and I think you all do fine work….I look forward to relying on American Majority as a resource as I continue in these endeavors.”

WCLC Organizer Bob Dohnal also had good things to say about American Majority’s training. He said, “Last year thousands of paid, well trained organizers swarmed over our state to get out the vote for the Liberal ticket.  We did not have the trained people to match that.  Now, American Majority is here to train people to run campaigns, run for office, understand public relations for campaigns, raise money- do all the things that we need to win.  I encourage all of you to attend one of these schools. You would not want to run a business without some training, why would you want to run a campaign without some education.”

WCLC also had a robust online presence as many of the attendees tweeted and facebooked about their experiences. In fact, the hashtag #WCLC that American Majority created for the event, went viral and was a Twitter trending topic in Milwaukee on Saturday several hours after the conference had ended.

Matt Batzel is the Wisconsin Executive Director of American Majority.  To learn more winning strategies from American Majority Wisconsin, watch The Wisconsin Model on our YouTube channel. To learn how to become an effective political candidate, activist, or student in Wisconsin, request a training or join Matt Batzel and his team at any of the upcoming trainings in Wisconsin!

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