15 American Majority Trained New Leaders Win

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November 5, 2014

15 American Majority Trained New Leaders Win

American Majority Helps Change the Shape of State and Local Government

Mequon,WI- Following last night’s Fall Election, 15 American Majority Trained New Leaders were elected. Congratulations to all of the winners on well run campaigns. The following New Leaders won their offices for the first time:

Devin LeMahieu                                                        State Senate District 9

Steve Nass                                                                 State Senate District 11

Terry Katsma                                                              State Assembly District 26

Janel Brandtjen                                                          State Assembly District 22

John Macco                                                                State Assembly District 88

Rob Brooks                                                                 State Assembly District 60

Cody Horlacher                                                          State Assembly District 33

Johnny Vander Leest                                                Brown County Clerk

American Majority works to build a farm team of new leaders at all levels of government. Our trained New Leaders include 2 State Senators, 12 State Assemblymen and Assemblywomen and 1 County Clerk. The farm team builds from the local and state levels of government.  These leaders are also the folks who will hopefully take the next step to run for higher office down the road, creating a pipeline of conservative public service.

Matt Batzel, the National Executive Director of American Majority, said “Congratulations to all the winners! Since opening our Wisconsin office in October 2010, we have trained 115 new leaders who’ve gone on to victory across Wisconsin. American Majority is helping to ensure that solid conservative candidates have the tools to be successful in their campaigns and we are thrilled to see these results in Wisconsin.”


American Majority is a non-profit and non-partisan political training institute that believes change must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens effectively implementing freedom. We believe that individual liberty is achieved through limited government and free markets. We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. By training candidates and activists to be effective today, we are enhancing America’s tomorrow.  Visit us on the web at www.americanmajority.org or follow us on Twitter @WI_Majority.

The Tea Party is Winning in Wisconsin

The media narrative of the Establishment versus Tea Party in Republican primaries misses what is really happening. The Tea Party movement has morphed from staging rallies to direct action and is learning in every campaign cycle. Take Wisconsin for example. In Wisconsin, the Tea Party knocked off 35-year Congressional incumbent Tom Petri by forcing a primary. Rep. Tom Petri decided not to run for re-election rather than face a serious Tea Party backed primary challenger this fall. Make no mistake, the Tea Party is winning in Wisconsin, but the media won’t tell you that.

The Tea Party in Wisconsin has been battle-tested and forced into organizing through Wisconsin’s protests and recalls. Because of its efforts, many credit the Tea Party for significantly helping Gov. Scott Walker to become the first governor in US history to defeat a recall and in the meantime increasing his win margin from his initial 2010 election. The Left unknowingly provided the Wisconsin Tea Party groups with opportunities to mature and become a more powerful political force.

Read the rest at TownHall.com.


All 66 American Majority Trained New Leaders Advance to April

American Majority Helps Change the Shape of Local Boards

Mequon,WI- Over the last several months, American Majority Wisconsin staff has been training new local leaders across the state who then decided to take the challenge and run for office. After yesterday’s primary election, all 66 of these American Majority trained leaders have advanced to the general election on April 1.

American Majority works to build a farm team of new leaders at all levels of government. Our trained new leaders in the Spring 2014 election include representatives at all levels of local governmental offices.  The farm team builds from the most local level of government where citizens often feel the most impact.  These leaders are also the folks who will hopefully take the next step to run for higher office down the road, creating a pipeline of conservative public service.

Matt Batzel, the Executive Director of American Majority Wisconsin’s office, said “Since opening our office in October 2010, we have trained 60 new leaders who’ve gone on to victory in general elections. We are proud of our trained leaders’ successes after encountering American Majority, and look forward to congratulating a next round of winners this April. Conservatives who step forward and sacrifice to run for office are making a difference to improve their communities.”

Wisconsin School Board Stops Common Core

One of the issues affecting communities across the nation is the Common Core State Standards. (CCSS). Opposition to the CCSS has grown significantly in 2013. Several states have de-funded implementation and made other attempts to back away from CCSS. In Wisconsin, local school boards are now leading efforts to push back against federal intervention in the local education system. Two weeks ago, the Germantown School Board became the first in Wisconsin to oppose the adoption of CCSS.

Read the full story here.

Deanna Alexander: Fighting for Transparency on Milwaukee County Board

Deanna AlexanderWhat prompts everyday Americans citizens to run for office to better their communities?  For Deanna Alexander, a mother of two in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, it happened when she attended her first Neighborhood Watch meeting and heard about an opening on the Milwaukee County Board and saw no one else was interested.

Deanna had decided that she wanted to make a difference in her area and was contemplating her career trajectory as an accountant at a CPA firm.  She sought out the Neighborhood Watch meeting as a way to get more involved in her community. On learning that there was an open seat for a local, non-partisan, public office, she got that feeling in the pit of her stomach that this was going to be an exciting leap for her to make.  When she told her husband about her desire to possibly run for public office, he said “You are crazy,” but as they both thought more about it, she realized “This is exactly what I want to do.”


American Majority-Trained Joe Voiland Knocks Off Recall Signing Judge

Joe Voiland Win Campaign American Majority Trained Candidates

In 2011 and 2012, Wisconsin had two rounds of recall elections, first for state senators over collective bargaining reforms and fleeing the state, and then for Gov. Walker along with more state senators.  While the recall elections are over (for now), the impact of the Left’s overreach is still being felt.  29 judges signed recall petitions and immediately felt the heat for doing so.  Joe Voiland was inspired to run for judge when he saw that his circuit court judge has signed a recall petition.  On Tuesday, Joe resoundingly won his election for Ozaukee County Circuit Court Judge 63%-37%, joining 8 other American Majority trained candidates who won.


200 in WI Learn to Accomplish Their Political Goals

The Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Conference (WCLC) brought together many Tea Party groups, national conservative groups, leaders, and students from across Wisconsin. The 8th annual conference was the largest in its history, with more than 200 people attending to learn how to be active in politics in 2013 and beyond. The Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Coalition hosted the conference.


Local Groups Celebrate the Life of Andrew Breitbart

American Majority and Founders Intent Sponsor Event to Continue the Work of Breitbart one year after his death

Activists from around the state of Wisconsin will join together in celebrating the life of Andrew Breitbart on Friday, March 1st at the New Berlin Holiday Inn Express in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  The untimely passing of Andrew on March 1, 2012 left a hole in the conservative movement.


The Wisconsin Model: Winning Strategies from Conservatives in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Model

Wisconsin has received a lot of attention for protests, a budget repair bill, recalls, and elections over the past few years. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently noted that Wisconsin is an almost perfect microcosm of the United States in partisan makeup. So it follows that what works in Wisconsin should work across the United States.  As conservatives in other states look to Wisconsin as a model, it is important that they understand what has worked in Wisconsin.


On the Ground in Wisconsin

The Historic 2011 Wisconsin Recall Elections are over, and the conservatives have withstood an assault from labor unions to maintain a 17-16 majority in the state senate. American Majority was busy preparing the Tea Party and other conservatives for these historic recall elections through training in or near all of the Senate recall districts in April and May. These grassroots individuals really made the difference in responding to the $25 million the Left spent attempting to buy control of the state senate and derail Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda. Moreover, local Tea Party leaders led the recall efforts of two state senators who fled to Illinois to avoid a vote on the Budget Repair bill.

While these two incumbents won re-election last night, the Tea Party told their elected officials loudly and clearly that they will be held accountable and must listen to their constituents. The two challengers were trained by American Majority and successfully knocked off establishment candidates in their primaries before taking the incumbents to the wire last night and rocking the status quo. Another key component of protecting the WI Senate Majority was the work of Media Trackers, which has exposed the Left and the unions over the past 6 months. Media Trackers changed the debate in the final week of the campaign in the “Crown Jewel” senate district by breaking the story on “BBQ For Votes” Bribery. They put a liberal candidate on defense in the final week, and even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called them a “Winner” of the recall elections.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Budget Repair Bill


Late yesterday afternoon, the Wisconsin Supreme Court weighed in on the Budget Repair Bill (Act 10) and ruled that it did not violate the Open Meetings Law.  Judge Maryann Sumi’s injunction to Act 10 was voided because she exceeded her authority, “invaded” the Legislature’s constitutional powers and erred in stopping the publication and implementation of the collective bargaining law.

Justice David Prosser, who was recently re-elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court following the drawn out recount that cost the state over $520,000, wrote in his concurring opinion:  “[T]he Circuit Court [Judge Sumi] exceeded its authority in prohibiting publication of the 2011 Wisconsin Act 10.  This is not a close question.”  Now Secretary of State Doug LaFollette, who initially delayed publication after the Budget Repair Bill was passed to allow unions time to pass new contracts, is saying he will wait until June 28 before finally publishing Act 10.

Whenever Act 10 does take effect, local governments will have the tools available to balance their budgets.  The many local jurisdictions that passed new union contracts across the state at the behest of the unions will have those recently passed contracts in place until the contract term expires.  At that point, Act 10 would then apply to those public employees as well.

Since the Left and the unions have successfully gotten so many local governments to pass new union contracts, the savings in many areas will not be realized for a few years.  Members of school boards, city councils, and county boards that hastily passed union contracts need to be held accountable for their actions.

We need a new generation of leadership to step forward and run for local office to challenge the elected officials that kowtow to the unions.  Conservatives and Tea Party members are the logical people to fill this void of leadership.  It is time for local governments to serve the taxpayers.  Our communities need conservatives to step forward and run for local office!

Never Too Early to Think About 2012

Today, the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) announced their estimate of an additional $636 million of revenue over the next three years due to an increase in the LFB’s projection of Wisconsin tax collections.  If liberals were running the show in Madison, we would likely already be hearing how the money should be spent as if the Governor had just found a treasure chest in the Governor’s Mansion basement with $636 million in it.  Unfortunately, that is not how budgets work.  This new projection is based upon stronger than previously expected income tax numbers.  But again it is an estimate that could easily change as it is very difficult to predict future revenues in an uncertain economy.

We also are seeing a debate taking place over the Voter ID bill in the Legislature at the same time the Wisconsin Supreme Court election recount is continuing in only one remaining county and concealed carry legislation is moving forward.  Politics is very fluid and conservatives must remain vigilant at all times because there is more policy to be made and more elections right around the corner.

Several counties are either increasing or decreasing the size of their County Boards.  What a good reminder that we need to have conservatives representing us at all levels of government.  If you don’t have conservatives representing you on your School Board, Village or City Council, County Board, then you should find your own candidates to run against them next spring and fall.

Is it too early to start talking about 2012 Spring and Fall Elections? No.  It’s not.  In fact, the Left has been active in preparing for 2012 already.  Conservatives and Tea Party members need to  go out and find candidates who will represent them at the local levels.  To prepare you and the candidates you identify for 2012, American Majority Wisconsin will be hosting a Candidate/Campaign Manager/Activist Training on June 11 in Oconomowoc. To register or find out more information about this training, visit here:  http://americanmajority.org/events/candidate-and-activist-training-oconomowoc-wi/ .

Enough Already!


The Wisconsin Supreme Court Recount began today in county courthouses across the state.  With Justice David Prosser having a 7,316 vote lead over Challenger Joanne Kloppenburg, many are curious what will happen through this process.

This morning, I observed the Recount Canvass in Ozaukee County to get a feel for what the next few weeks will be like.  There were eleven paid poll workers doing various jobs to confirm the vote totals from the election were accurate.  The recount is a very mundane and painstakingly time consuming process.  For instance, the poll list reconciliation workers counted through the number of people who were given a voting number on Election Day for each city. They tallied up the numbers, which took roughly 25 minutes for the village of Fredonia that had 761 votes cast. When the number was off by 1 voter, they had to go through the poll list again in more detail so the numbers would match.

Poll List Reconciliation Process

This recount is just another example of a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Since November’s election, we have seen liberals waste our hard earned money time and time again.  After the liberal controlled Legislature and former- Governor ran up a massive $3.6 Billion Deficit, the liberals tried to ram through public sector union contracts in the December Lame Duck Session, when they even sprung an Assemblyman from jail.  When Governor Walker introduced the Budget Repair Bill, much attention focused on the waste of taxpayer money to pay for extravagant benefits for many public sector employees.   The leftists protested in the Capitol building for weeks on end, destroying government property and causing extra security costs that our tax dollars will have to pay for.  Fourteen State Senators fled the state to avoid a vote on the Budget Repair Bill, yet were paid for not doing their job.  Many liberal controlled local governments have rammed through union contracts that are favorable to the unions and rip off the Wisconsin taxpayer.  Now, we taxpayers, have to pay for a frivolous recount.  Enough already!

If you think the liberals are wasting our taxpayer dollars, then you should do something about. Contact your elected officials and tell them to stop wasting your money.  Better yet, step up and run for local or state office.  We need conservatives to run against taxpayer wasting liberals and win in order to stop the wasteful spending.  American Majority’s candidate training will help prepare you for your campaign.  If you step up and communicate your views or run for office, you will be able to stop this waste of taxpayer money.

What’s Next for Wisconsin?


A recount is looming over yesterday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  Currently, Incumbent Justice David Prosser is trailing by 206 votes to Prosecutor Joanne Kloppenburg with 100% of the precincts reporting.   With the momentum from the union protests, this election was one that many thought Kloppenburg would win.  But the Tea Party showed up to the polls again to support their candidate and that is why this election is so close.

There is no rest for the weary.  In addition to the likely recount, we are looking at a summer full of special elections in the State Senate due to the many recalls taking place.  One recall committee had already filed its signatures to the Government Accountability Board (GAB) on Friday.  Another recall committee announced it had enough signatures on Monday.  With many recall committees having volunteers outside of polling locations yesterday, it is likely that a handful or more will file their signatures in the next week.

All of this means that the Tea Party and conservatives need to be prepared and organized for these special elections.  Recall committees will have an advantage of organization due to their use of so many recall volunteers that can easily be turned into campaign volunteers.  In addition, the Left is known for their organizational superiority to the Right.

American Majority is partnering with local Tea Party groups to hold 6 April Activist Trainings around the state of Wisconsin.  Our training blitz begins this Saturday, April 9 when we will hold Activist trainings in St. Croix County and La Crosse, WI and continues on Tuesday, April 12 in Eagle River, WI.

American Majority’s April Training Blitz will equip the Tea Party and conservatives to be organized and effective.   These activist trainings will provide the tools and resources to enable activists to accomplish their political goals.

To learn more about and to register for American Majority’s Activist Trainings in Wisconsin, please visit:  http://americanmajority.org/wisconsin/events/.

Judge Sumi Strikes Again

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi has issued another temporary restraining order (TRO) blocking further implementation of the budget repair bill (Act 10), which Governor Scott Walker signed into law on March 11.  See if you can follow me on this legal mess.

Last Monday, the Department of Justice appealed Judge Sumi’s original TRO delaying publication of Act 10.  The appeals court; however, punted on March 24 to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on determining if the TRO was valid.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court, which has one of its Justices up for re-election next Tuesday, would then need to determine if they will take the case.

Then on Friday, March 25, the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) published Act 10 because they were not enjoined from doing so in Judge Sumi’s original TRO.  On Monday, Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch announced he believed the law took effect Saturday, so the state began charging employees more for their benefits and ended collecting dues on behalf of unions.

Judge Sumi held a hearing yesterday and then ruled that further implementation of the act is enjoined, while stopping short of declaring whether Act 10 is in effect. That will have to wait for the next hearing, which will not take place until Friday.  Judge Sumi also appointed an attorney for Secretary of State Doug La Follette rather than having the Department of Justice represent him. So on Friday, there will be even more attorneys convoluting this mess further.

Did you follow all of that? If you did, then you should probably go to law school. If not, don’t worry, the main points are that the Supreme Court election on Tuesday will be monumental and the Left will stop at nothing to slow down the implementation of Act 10.

Tuesday’s election has Michael Barone questioning whether the Tea Party movement is going through a hangover.  Will the Tea Party show up in mass on Tuesday as they did last November? In a week we’ll know.  With many possible special elections on the horizon this summer, the Tea Party needs to continue its momentum and stay engaged.

What can you do to help? First of all, make sure you vote on Tuesday.  Also, communicate with your friends and family who you will be voting for and why.  Media Trackers has been doing great work in covering the Supreme Court race.  Share their articles with other voters and on Facebook and Twitter.  Get out and help with a campaign to make phone calls or go door to door.  Do all that you can to help your candidate win.  The Tea Party must continue to be heard!

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